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There are various kinds of security services, and one of them is Close Protection Officers. So, who is the Close Protection officer, and why do we need them? Let’s have a brief discussion about the Close Protection Officer in the down below –

So, a Close Protection Officer, also known as a Bodyguard, is a service officer who serves the people rather than the organization and property. Bodyguards are most in demand when it comes to a VIP who appears in public. They can safeguard the individual from harm while taking immediate action under any circumstances. 

Let’s explore more about CPOs and their role and responsibility in the down below:

The Objective of the Close Protection Officer:

The main objective of the CPO is to ensure the safety of the person he is in charge. In addition, the responsibility of the CPO includes guaranteeing safety, lowering risk, observing potential harm, resolving unpleasant situations, accompanying clients on business trips, and driving them to events. He is also responsible for monitoring events and public situations. Whether it’s about safeguarding the VIP, children, or a group of people, they can serve them accordingly.

Those Who Require Close Protection:

Usually, famous personalities, politicians, leaders, and royal families need CPO services. Since they are public figures and work for the public’s welfare, it’s sometimes hard for them to make a public appearance. Therefore, they need the most protection and safeguard from the CPO. So, the following are the people who need Close Protection Officer – 

  • Celebrities
  • Politicians
  • Leaders
  • Wealthy Person
  • Members of the Royal Family
  • Foreign Delegates

The Traits And Skills a CPO Needs to Have:

Firstly, a CPO has to be physically fit and well-trained to handle any circumstances, including – protecting from harmful persons and events, saving a person from crowds, and safeguarding them in public places. Moreover, a Close Protection Officer or a Bodyguard needs to have good communication, leadership, attention to detail, concentration, patience, physical fitness, and work under pressure.

Training A CPO Gets From:

A Close Protection Officer usually gets training from the army and in Security 360 Limited, the Close Protection Officer usually get the training from the expert armed force with years of experience, which enables them to handle any situations that can occur while serving their clients.