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Make Your Workplace Safe and Efficient

Security Guard

Guard Your Life, Assets & Info: Security 360 Limited Protects it All!
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Lady Guard

Lady guards bring equal protection, tackling unique duties with grace.
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Close Protection Officer (CPO)

Delivering sharp Close Protection Officers for VIP escort.
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Front Desk Officer (FDO) Male/ Female

Pro at Phone Calls & Greeting Guests with Poise. Supplying top-notch FDOs to big-name firms.
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Office Assistant

Supporting staff, tea-boy turned office hero! Security 360 Limited provides top-notch administrative assistants, ensuring workplace efficiency.
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Background Check

Verifying Identity & Confirming Past for Job/Marital/Visa/Admission Seekers.
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Event Security

Managing events, controlling crowds, and ensuring safety, 360-degree will be covered
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Electronic Security

Expertise in modern technology and exclusive monitoring services available with Security 360 Limited.
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24/7 Control Room

24/7 control room to respond to emergencies and provide support and assistance
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<strong>MD ABDUL MATIN, FCMA</strong>

We strongly believe that a happy and fulfilled guard will be more committed to providing excellent service.


Managing Director

We firmly believe that a blissful guard would be more committed to his job and provide the client with better service if he is happy and well-nourished.


Director - Operations

Our primary goal is to keep our guard in top condition while providing services to our clients. While paying them well is our goal, we want to be able to do so. In order to provide you with excellent service in client activity.


Director - Sales & Marketing
Locksmithing services

Our Technicians are Equipped with the Latest Modern Technology and are Available 24/7 at Your Request

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  • CCTV & Archway monitoring
  • Integrated apartment security system
  • Hand-held metal detector
  • Walkie-talkie
  • Airport escort services
  • Access Control
  • 24/7 monitoring and response
  • Event security management
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