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A Front Desk Officer (FDO) is a professional who directly handles the customers, answers their queries and phone calls, and delivers mail. Besides protecting and securing the organization, attending to the people who have frequently visited that place is also important. Therefore, every organization and property usually requires a Front Desk Officer who can come in contact with the customers or visitors.

However, if you are looking for FDO, then Security 360 Limited comes to your ease because Security 360 Limited provides a well-experienced, skilled, and responsible FDO who can handle the front desk requirement while managing the visitors at the same time.

Responsibility of Front Desk Officer:

The Front Desk Officer is mainly responsible for attending to the visitors and answering their queries. Moreover, making the customer’s front desk representative with the necessary materials. Receiving phone calls, listening to requirements, monitoring office supplies, checking and forwarding mail, updating files, receiving letters, and many more. To fulfill all these tasks, a Front Desk Officer needs to have a clear mind and full awareness of his responsibilities; otherwise, he cannot complete his work properly.

Quality A Front Desk Officer Requires:

A Front Desk Officer must be communicative and aware of his work. He must know how to interact with customers and respond to their questions. In addition, FDO should be able to multitask and be organized with his work. A Front Desk Officer must also have the abilities necessary for basic bookkeeping, problem-solving, and handling any situation.

Where do we need FDO:

Front Desk Officer is mostly needed in offices, banks, and even housing where customers and visitors frequently visit the place. Free access to the property can be harmful and dangerous. Therefore, the Front Desk Officer attends to the people and learns about their needs. FDO is also required to manage phone calls and mail. 

So, if you require a trained, skilled, and experienced Front Desk Manager, then contact Security 360 Limited and we will serve you based on your requirements.