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In the era of the 21st, where women come out of their shields and work in the medical, corporate, and even in the field, it’s not uncommon for a woman to join the Lady Guard as well. In many places like shopping malls, airports, and offices, women usually prefer to get protected by a lady guard, which is why the demand for lady guards has been emerging day-by-day. 

Lady Guard service of Security 360 Limited

Security 360 Limited also offers the most skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced Lady Guard, who can be at the service following the client’s needs and the usual Security Service Guard, Close Protection Officer, and Office Assistant. Our Lady Guard will be at your convenience around the clock, whether at the checkpoint, the office security, or the VIP services.

Why We Emphasis on Providing Lady Guard Service:

As we have already mentioned, the uplifting service of women increases the demand for Lady Guard Services at the same time. Besides that, we also have many other reasons, which are given in the down below:

Check and Verify the Women Employees, Guests:

The security of the employees belongs to the employers. That is why corporations hire lady guards to protect the employees and workers. Besides that, checking who is entering and leaving the office is also a big concern. For checking out the women guests, it will be convenient to verify the authenticity of the lady guard. Thus, if you as an employer want that as well, then contact us to hire a lady guard.

Encouraging the Women to Explore Different Fields:

Though women would like to work outside their houses, they still sometimes find it difficult to select a suitable field. But we can assure them that the Lady Guard service work will bring them the place they desire to have and get the most fruitful earning for their livelihood. Therefore, we are creating this opportunity for women who want to work outside their houses.

Meet the Upcoming Demand for Lady Guards:

Most corporations have two different security sectors for both men and women. Because regarding security purposes, most women like to get services from women. However, the service of Lady Guard is not sufficient as per required. And that’s why Security 360 Limited provides the Lady Guard service whenever you need them.

Safeguard the Women Employees:

If you are looking for a Lady guard to protect the safety and security of the women employee, then you can contact us. Security needs to be served equally for men and women employees. So, it will always be better if women can have that security assurance from a lady guard.

So, contact our service center if you want to lady guard for your office, airport, or in the public center. We can ensure experienced 24/7 service from our Lady Guard.