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Importance of security

Security is essential to our personal and professional safety. Security is crucial as crime and terrorism escalate. Security 360 Limited provides that. To give our clients peace of mind, we offer top-notch security solutions.

Security 360 Limited provides guards, close protection officers, access control, round-the-clock monitoring, and event security management. Professional security services are essential in today’s fast-paced environment with ever-changing security risks.

Call Security 360 Limited if you want complete protection from potential dangers!

Overview of Security 360 Limited

Security 360 Limited is the go-to security guard agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We’ve got everything covered when it comes to keeping you and your organization safe and secure. From security guards and lady guards to close protection officers, front desk officers, office assistants, and everything in between, we’ve got your back. That’s not all – we’ve got access control, 24/7 monitoring and response, and even a 24/7 control room to keep an eye on things.

But wait, there’s more! We offer SMS-based security alerts, risk and threat assessments, event security management, VIP/CIP escort, airport escort services, gated community security, investigation and background checks, pre-employment screening, and even port security services.

We’re located right in the heart of Dhaka, at BTI Moonlight Serenade, 2nd Floor, House # 6, Road # 3, Block J, Baridhara.

Regular Guarding Services

Protect your property and assets like a boss with Security 360 Limited’s Regular Guarding Services! This all-in-one security solution is a lifesaver for all establishments, from residential buildings to industrial sites. With round-the-clock surveillance and protection. Here’s the cherry on top: our professional security guards are not only equipped with the latest security tech but also trained to handle any situation that comes their way, from emergency response to crowd control. Whether you’re looking to secure a one-time event or need ongoing protection, these guards are your ultimate shield. Trust us, your property will be safe and sound.

All types of establishment

Protecting yourself is key to feeling safe. Security 360 Limited is a one-stop security shop! We cover businesses, schools, residential communities, and events. We offer security guards, lady guards, access control, 24/7 monitoring and response, and a 24/7 control room. These guys work hard to keep everyone safe and secure.

Access Control

Access control is Security 360 Limited’s credo. They specialize on securing limited areas and keeping the wrong individuals out. Keycards, biometrics, and security cameras authenticate visitors’ identities. Protect their customers, staff, and assets. Security 360 Limited access control services give you peace of mind!

24/7 monitoring and response

Beware of bedbugs! Security 360 Limited monitors and responds 24/7 to keep you safe. We’re on the watch for security incidents and ready to act. Like a keen eye that never blinks! Security professionals in our 24/7 control room are ready for any situation.

Security 360 Limited helps clients sleep by monitoring and responding 24/7. Their constant monitoring reduces the chance of theft, damage, and other security breaches by swiftly responding to security issues.

Additional Services

Our expertise may investigate unsavory characters, make a place safer, or everything in between. Security 360 Limited is your go-to for extra security!

SMS based security alerts

We’re all about keeping our clients with the latest security scoop. We do it with one sweet feature – SMS-based security alerts! This service gives clients real-time updates straight to their mobile phones about any security incidents that may occur at their premises. It’s like having an extra pair of eyes and ears on the lookout 24/7, no matter where they are. Plus, it’s a convenient way to stay informed about the safety and security of their facilities – especially in a pinch! By offering SMS alerts, Security 360 Limited keeps clients in the loop and gives them one less thing to worry about.

Risk/threat assessments and security audits

Risk/threat assessments and security audits are thorough dives into your security system to find potential threats. Checking physical security, access control, surveillance, and emergency response plans. To ensure security. These evaluations and audits can also identify security vulnerabilities and suggest solutions to reduce the risk of theft, damage, and other security breaches. Professional security audits are coming!

Plain cloth surveillance by trained personnel

Looking for a low-key way to keep an eye on things? Security 360 Limited’s got you protected with our plain cloth surveillance service, manned by a team of highly trained personnel. These undercover agents blend right in, keeping a discreet watchful eye to detect any security incidents or potential threats. It’s like having your own personal security squad without the obvious uniform.

Security 360 Limited’s plain cloth surveillance service is a top-notch way to ensure the safety of your space and nip any potential problems in the bud. Don’t leave anything to chance; keep your security tight with this service!

Event security management

“Event security management” is what Security 360 Limited is all about! It’s all hands on deck when it comes to making sure events are safe and secure, whether it’s a rockin’ concert, a bustling festival, a trade show with all the bells and whistles, or any other big shindig. We take the reins and handle everything, from evaluating the risks, working with the authorities, controlling the crowds, and of course, deploying top-notch security personnel. Mission? To keep everyone safe and sound and to make sure that events go off without a hitch! With Security 360 Limited in charge, event organizers and attendees can rest easy, knowing their security is in good hands.

Bodyguard and close protection officer (CPO) services

Security 360 Limited has got your back with their Bodyguard and Close Protection Officer (CPO) services. These services are all about making sure you’re safe and sound, no matter what life throws your way. We’ve got a team of trained and experienced security personnel ready and raring to go to protect you from any potential threats – be it physical harm, kidnapping, or any other form of violence. These bodyguards and CPOs are like guardian angels, always on hand to keep you safe. Whether you’re traveling, attending a public event, or just need some extra protection, we’ve got you covered. With Security 360 Limited’s Bodyguard and CPO services, you can rest assured that your personal safety is in good hands, and the risk of harm or any other security incidents is reduced to a minimum.

VIP/CIP escort

We have got you covered with our VIP/CIP escort services. It’s all about keeping high-profile individuals, like government bigwigs or top-notch executives, safe and sound, whether they’re on the move or at their final destination. We send over our best and brightest security personnel to be by their side 24/7.

These escorts know the drill and have been trained to handle all sorts of sticky security situations. They can assess the risk, and control a crowd. By providing VIP/CIP escort services, Security 360 Limited gives clients serenity of the mind and helps reduce the risk of any harm or security incidents. So, whether you’re a VIP or CIP, rest easy knowing that Security 360 Limited has got your back!

Airport escort services

Airport escorts, that’s one of the many security services Security 360 Limited offers. Our security personnel, who are pros at the game, will accompany you every step of the way through the airport. From check-in to security screenings to boarding, their goal is to keep you safe and secure.

Think of them like your guardian angels in a busy airport. Escorts are trained to handle any and all security situations and can even help you with your luggage. And, in case of an emergency, they’ve got a plan in place to handle it. With airport escort services, Security 360 Limited ensures that you can travel with mental tranquility, without worrying about any security incidents.

Specially protected vehicle along with bodyguard

Security 360 Limited offers a highly protected vehicle with a bodyguard for road safety! That’s right. First reported here. This top-notch security service sends the best and brightest to protect you in a bulletproof ride.

This car has bulletproof windows and reinforced doors.

These security experts have an onboard communication system to keep you informed and ready for any situation.

This service is ideal for VIPs, corporate executives, and anyone who wishes to feel safe while traveling. Security 360 Limited will safeguard you on the road. Peace of mind!

Gated community security services

Security 360 Limited is offering the real deal for those who want to ensure their safety on the road – a specially protected vehicle with a personal bodyguard! That’s right. You heard it here first. This top-notch security service deploys the most trained and experienced personnel to keep you safe while you’re cruising in your super-duper, bullet-proof ride.

From reinforced doors to bullet-resistant windows, this vehicle has got your back. And with a bodyguard by your side, you can travel with psychological serenity, knowing that you’re in good hands. These security pros are ready to handle any situation that may arise and are equipped with an onboard communication system to keep you connected and informed at all times.

So, whether you’re a VIP, a business exec, or just someone who wants to feel secure while on the move, this service is the way to go. Trust Security 360 Limited to keep you protected and reduce the risk of any harm or security incidents while you’re on the road.

Investigation and background check

Security 360 Limited excavates and digs deep! We provide excellent background checks and investigations. We will verify criminal records, references, and finances. And why? Naturally, to make wise choices, reduce risks, and stay safe!

Pre-employment screening

It’s the hotshot security service offered by Security 360 Limited. It’s like taking a deep dive into the background of potential employees to make sure they’re the real deal. Checking their criminal records, calling up references, and poring over financial records, the goal is to protect the businesses and assets of employers by hiring only the cream of the crop. By providing this service, Security 360 Limited is helping keep businesses safe from harm and other security incidents.

Port security and related services

Security 360 Limited is the one to call if you’re in need of top-notch port security and related services. With trained and seasoned security personnel on deck, you can rest assured that your ports and maritime facilities will be fully protected.

They’re pros when it comes to performing security patrols, keeping a watchful eye on who’s coming and going, and jumping into action in case of any security breaches.

The objective is to keep your vessels, cargo, and crew safe and secure and to minimize any potential harm or security issues.

Professional Team

Security 360 Limited’s security experts and managers are dedicated to providing top-notch security services.

This A-team has years of security industry knowledge and can give top-notch security solutions for numerous businesses. The team collaborates with clients to understand their security needs and provide personalized security programs.

Security 360 Limited is dedicated to protecting their clients 24/7.

Security 360 Limited provides security guard services, access control, 24/7 monitoring and response, and more!

Highly trained and professional

Wowsers, the security peeps at Security 360 Limited are the real deal! They go through rigorous training to make sure they’re the crème de la crème in providing top-notch security services.

No stone is left unturned in their training program, covering everything from how to handle sticky situations to smooth talking their way out of them.

And with this investment in our personnel, we can give our clients a sense of ease knowing that their security personnel is the best. With highly trained and professional security personnel, hands down!

Best possible protection for every client

Each client receives top-notch security. Security guards, access control, 24/7 monitoring, SMS security warnings, risk assessments, security audits, and more.

We provide complete security! Our highly trained and professional security staff will work with you to understand your security concerns and create a tailored solution that fits you well. Its goal is to always defend you!


Security 360 Limited is Dhaka’s one-stop security shop! Our security guards go above and beyond to keep clients safe.

We provide security guard services, access control, 24/7 monitoring, and SMS-based security alerts.

We want you to feel safe and secure every day. Security 360 Limited is Dhaka’s best security wingman. Contact us today and sleep well tonight!