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I. Introduction

The other name of security is called 360 security. We offer expertise in a wide range of security services like Manned Security Services Facility Services Electronic Security Systems.

Our force is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and we can deliver detailed solutions to your security problems of any size. There are available for every person, not just for companies.. Security is a fundamental aspect of life, as per 360 limited. Our goal is to serve you with creative and imaginative security services that are tailored to the specific need of each client. Our team is also decided to dedicate staying responsive to changing modern technology and security patterns. To sustain our leadership, we put a lot of effort into the curve and prevent our clients from the latest security threats.

Responsibilities of a Security Guard

Securing lives:

Guards have to be attentive to their circumstances. Especially when they are on the clock. Security guards working in hospitals and schools should be aware of any assaults taking place on patients or students. They should also report suspicious activity to their supervisor immediately.

Protecting assets:

The work of a security guard can involve protecting people, protecting property, and ensuring information security. In some cases, they are required to fight fires or rescue people from dangerous situations. When called upon to carry out these tasks, a security guard needs to be able to act fast.

Ensuring information security:

A security guard must always remain alert while on duty to prevent information from being stolen or getting damaged by others, who might attempt to access it without permission. Computer systems with sensitive?

Services Offered by Security 360 Limited

Providing security guards throughout the country:

360 ensures the safety and security of its clients. Security provides access control services as a gate control system. CCTV monitoring always keep eye on the property and prevents crimes.
alarm system monitoring. This will help the author in case of an emergency. Risk assessments and security audit. Event security service helps to manage crowds and keep attendance at events. Fire safety service to help client fire safety services to help clients protect their property
and live from potential fires. Training and consulting services to help clients to stay up to date on the latest security trends and best practices.

Delivering responsibility: Guards are adamant about working. They finished their duty promptly. They do their work with such skill and professionalism. There isn’t a bad vibe in their work. They cooperate as a family, just as a family protects its members. They always fulfilled their obligation.

Ensuring the safety of lives, assets, and information:

Through our security protocols, we ensure your lives, asset, and information. Enforce a clear policy for visitors. Monitor the premises of suspicious activities and investigate any incidents that may happen. Respond to any emergency like a fire, medical alarms or any threats secure the premises and property by locking doors and windows, not in use. They always investigate everything before you do anything.

Professional Team

Trained and professional security guards:

The team is so professional, they are highly trained and skilled to take responsibility to protect people, property, and assets. They reduce crime and serve as a safe setting. They use their skill to recognize suspicious behavior, respond to emergencies make plans and execute, and monitor the entry and exit options. They are able to use appropriate guns, tools for communication, and other security gear. Furthermore, they must have knowledge about laws, policies, and procedures to guarantee adherence to relevant requirements.

Assured protection for clients:

360 provides a range of feathers like antivirus, data loss protection, and web filtering. With 360 Security, clients can ensure their data is safe and protected from malicious assaults.

Kindly answers these questions for the audience.

When Do You Need Security Guards?

There is no safe location in this world. Every time we need security. To protect people and property
from criminals, we need security guards. Security can be employed in residential areas, commercial businesses, schools, shops, houses, govt offices, and many more. For any events like concerts, sport event, or public events.

What are the services of a security guard?

Monitoring, Patoroling, access control, responding to emergencies, report writing, maintaining order, customer service, etc according to your needs. They will protect you from every danger and threat. Ensuring the security of people, property, and data.

What are the best qualities of a good security guard?

Professionally trained and punctual.
Experience and low profile.
Honest and strong communication skills.
Respects life, be physically fit, lead, and teamwork.

Get security guard services within reach?

The answer is YES, you can hire security guard services. Numerous businesses provide security guard services that can be altered to suit your requirements.

Types of security guard services?

360 provides everything you need to secure yourself .maaned security services like a regular guard,24/7 monitoring guard, risk threat assessment security, and airport escort services. Corporate services like officers, admin staff cleaners, drivers, etc., on the other hand, apartment manager plumbers, electricians, baggage scanners, and many more.


Security is the top priority for anyone as a result, 360 limited offers full security services that can be capable of providing peace of mind. By trusting Security 360 Limited with your security needs, you can be confident that your premises and assets are safe and secure. Don’t be feel hesitate to Contact us. We are always here to help you with our top-notch service. For us, quality and client satisfaction matter.