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Security 360 Limited is a top Special Lady Guard Service provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Many people get surprised when they found women working as lady guards. But it is accurate and we have many ladies’ wedding air security guards in many companies. We provide the best services for customers. Our lady guards are highly skilled and trained, and most importantly they are so professional about their work. We understand that the quality of services can make or break any business relationship between our clients and us.

Lady Guard Meaning & Our Service Overview:

Lady Guard means ladies guard and we are proud to be a lady guard service provider in Bangladesh. Lady Guard 360 is a private security company that provides high-quality, cost-efficient, and reliable security services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced ladies who are passionate about their work and take pride in providing excellent customer service.

We believe that no matter how big or small your business is, our service can help you find the perfect solution for your security needs.

Security 360 limited is the best lady security firm in Bangladesh. We provide female security guards to protect your business, home, and office. Our Lady Guard Service is an exclusive service where we provide only the best and most reliable female security guards.

We have a team of security specialists who are experienced in providing quality lady guard service for our clients. Our senior managers have experience of working with different types of clients. Our staff are well trained and are familiar with lady guards from different backgrounds and cultures.

Why Should You Choose Our Lady Security Guards?


Lack of role models in the lady guard service:

In Bangladesh, men make up the majority of senior officers and supervisors. Because of this, the service is relatively new and does not have any senior positions. As a contrary ,women don’t have many female role model to aspire to and obey We need to hire more women for high positions since there aren’t enough female role models in the service.

The perception that protection is provided by men in black:

Men in black, or mystery men, as they are sometimes referred to, are in charge of keeping people safe from all threats and dangers. Because of this, women have no opportunity to participate in this sector. That tag has to be taken off. Together, men and women can perform this security work. Women in this generation are equal to males.

and Women often make less than men for doing the same job:

It is a harsh reality women often make less than men for doing the same job. Since there has been a gender gap that multiple areas. Despite skills and qualifications, women get fewer wages than men for the exact same. Now it is very important to fight for equal rights and of course, make sure women get the same salary for doing the job.

Security 360 Limited’s approach

Security 360 Limited, is a leading security service company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has been providing quality services to its customers for many years. The company has been providing quality service with a high level of satisfaction to the customers from the beginning.

360 Limited provides various kinds of security services. Our guards are highly trained and very friendly. They operate within the law and have been trained to ensure your safety at all times.

We are determine to deliver top-notch service to our clients. By making guarantee people receive value for their money . Our goal is to make sure that all our customers are satisfied with what we provide them.


Security 360 Limited has been providing one of the best Special Lady Guard Services in Dhaka. It is focused to maintain the standards of Homecare and professional ethics. Security 360 Limited is a renowned name in the field of security services and has been serving the community for many years now.

Security 360 Limited aims at providing quality service with a smile. It ensures that every client’s security needs are taken care of by offering a range of products and services that are tailored to each client’s requirements. For us quality matters and also clients. Thus, we will put in everything possible to make our clients satisfy.